Meet Dr. Joshua Tymms - Owner of Duncraig Chiropractic

Dr Josh in bullet points

  • Graduated from Murdoch University with Double Degree in 2006
  • Completed International Chiropractic Sport Science Diploma in 2007
  • Founded Duncraig Chiropractic 2010
  • Treasurer of the Chiropractic Association of Australia (WA) 2012-2017
  • President of the Chiropractic Association of Australia (WA) 2018
  • Australian Chiropractors Association – Chair of the Western Regional Committee 2018 – present
  • Australian Chiropractors Association – Public Engagement Committee Member 2018 – present


I discovered chiropractic as a child and have been fascinated with its application ever since. I graduated Murdoch University with a Double Degree in 2006 and registered as a chiropractor. In my early years of practice I spent a lot of time on the sides of sporting fields. I finished my International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma in 2007 and worked many international level sports events. In the end I found my work in my practice to be the most rewarding and have always enjoyed seeing families and helping people of all ages with their health, not just performance athletes.

Duncraig Chiropractic started up after I suffered some serious injuries from a motorcycle accident and I had enough downtime to investigate some opportunities.  I’ve never looked back. We are now a one stop shop when it comes to chiropractic services, with multiple treatment rooms and state of the art x-ray facilities being installed during a major renovation in 2012.

I served as a Director on the board for the Chiropractic Association of Australia (Western Australia) from 2012 to 2018. I held the position of Treasurer from 2012-2017 and finished my time with the company as President in 2018.  I am now involved in the new company representing chiropractors in Australia, The Australian Chiropractors Association. I sit on both the Western Regional Committee and the Public Engagement Committee. Chiropractic is under utilized in healthcare in Australia,  and I work in these roles to help make our service available to more Australians who need it.

My practice is known for our focus and excellence in Advanced Bio-Structural Correction or ABC – our main adjusting technique. Each year we host the seminars for ABC here in Western Australia to help train more chiropractors in this technique. 

I’m always searching for new ways to help improve the lives of my clients and recently I discovered the benefits of cold laser therapy and purchased a very exciting piece of technology from Canada. The Bioflex Laser therapy machine is now operational and helping musculoskeletal conditions with remarkable results.

In my time off I enjoy spending time with my family, my wife Brooke and my daughter Indiana. If I manage to sneak away I love a round of golf or a spin on my the bike!

Meet Dr Dave Hawkes

I work with people who desperately want to get their health on track, but just don’t know how or where to get started. I give them the tools to get exactly what they want, which is more energy, less pain, and a much more extraordinary life, not just for themselves, but for their whole family.

A lot of people that walk through our doors have some kind of ache or pain that they’re struggling with – and while it’s satisfying to help people overcome that struggle through chiropractic care, my real joy comes from watching my patients experience the SIDE EFFECTS of chiropractic care i.e. more energy, better sleep, better digestion and less stress.

I graduated with distinction from Murdoch University in 2013 and since then I’ve worked in private practices in Australia and Canada. When I’m not delivering world class chiropractic care and speaking at public and corporate events, you’ll find me training in Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; or on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.

I love to travel, and have made trips to different parts of Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Spain, Germany and the UK.  I’ve also spent the last 4 years living and working abroad, in Canada. I’ve been working closely with Dr Mike Gibson, one of the creators of Life By Design at one of the flagship offices in Ottawa. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as a person and as a chiropractor, and now I’m excited to be ready for a new challenge at Duncraig Chiropractic.

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Meet the Practice Manager - Lisa

My first experience with Duncraig Chiropractic was in 2011 as a client of Dr Josh. Then in 2012, I started in the position of Chiropractic Assistant and absolutely love what I do.  My job is to help the people under care schedule treatment into their busy lives and help the chiropractors in the day to day operations. There is a great deal of job satisfaction that comes with seeing our clients getting back on track and able to function better on a daily basis. 

In  my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and son, on the boat fishing for a big dhufish or snapper.  Of course, no fishing trip is complete without finishing with a pie from the Rottnest bakery.  I love  the outdoors and try to  make it to the coast for my daily walk.