Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t need a referral. Although many of our existing patients do refer their friends and family in for checkups. Simply call 9246 9558 to make an appointment.


Yes you can. Please check your policy to check your level of cover. We have HICAPS facilities available at our practice so you can claim your benefits straight away.


On your first visit your chiropractor will take your history and conduct a thorough examination. If any further investigation is required we may then require X-rays to be taken. Once the chiropractor has gone through this process they will do whatever they can to help you, after all that’s what we are here to do!


Depends on the individual case. Once your chiropractor has completed the examination they will discuss any further investigations such as X-rays. There are many situations where x-rays are not indicated.


Most patients experience simultaneous relief after adjustments otherwise they would not complete the series of adjustments needed to create more exciting changes.


You only need to benefit from chiropractic care for as long as you choose. Your chiropractor will recommend a schedule of care based on the severity of your condition and your desired outcomes for care.

In a word, Yes. Many mothers to be experience back pain and other discomforts during pregnancy as the growth of your baby and hormonal changes can affect the spinal joints and surrounding tissues. Chiropractic is a popular choice for many pregnant women.


Yes.  Dr Josh and Dr Matt are both very experienced when it comes to looking after children at all ages. You can relax and know your child is in good hands.


New Patient Assessment $135 

This will consist of two visits.

The first is the Initial Consultation where your chiropractor will take your history and conduct a full examination.

Then a second visit where your chiropractor will report the results of the first visit and make their recommendations. 

Should you wish to start chiropractic care with an adjustment at the time of this visit, normal adjustment charges will apply.

X-Rays $160 

Standard Adjustment Visit $72 (adults) 

Standard Adjustment Visit $64 (children under 16 years)

Yes, family rates are available to any members of your family while they are living under the same roof.

They will be entitled to a 10% discount off our adjustment charge.

Adults will pay $64.80 (instead of $72) and children will pay $57.60 (instead of $64).

Should a second family member also start care, they will in turn, receive a 20% discount off their adjustment charge. 

Adults will pay $57.60 and children will pay $51.20.

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