North Beach Chiropractic

We know North Beach

At Duncraig Chiropractic, we understand that our health is our most valuable possession, which is why we strive to provide unsurpassed chiropractic services to a range of suburbs across Perth. Our experienced team use a thorough and  effective approach to diagnose any health problems you may be encountering and aim to find appropriate solutions for your situation.

If you live in the suburb of North Beach, we can provide you with the chiropractic treatments you need. We can assess your overall health and uncover the underlying cause of the problems you’re having, before providing you with a recommended care plan to help you achieve optimal health again. We are a one stop shop! You will progress from your initial assessment to treatment very quickly with everything we need onsite at our practice, including digital X-ray facilities. Something the smaller micro-clinics just can’t offer!

Our team at Duncraig Chiropractic can assist with any injuries you may have such as tennis elbow, shoulder bursitis, plantar fasciitis or any other condition that is causing you pain day by day. We were the first clinic in WA to offer BioFlex Laser Therapy, which is safe and has proven to be very successful in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions for our patients.

Located a short drive from North Beach, our chiropractic clinic is conveniently open during the following times:

Monday:  2pm – 6pm
Tuesday:  8am -12pm | 3:30pm – 7pm
Wednesday:  Closed
Thursday:  9am – 12pm | 3:30pm – 7pm
Friday:  2pm – 6pm
Saturday:  9am – 12pm

To book an initial consultation with your local North Beach chiropractors, contact us today by calling (08) 9246 9558, or visit us at 41 Roche Road, Duncraig.