Chiro Coffee Podcast

Having a coffee is often the excuse for many of us to catch up with a friend or work mate. Why not have a coffee with your chiro? As chiropractors we are priviledged to work with a wide range of people and have many different topics of interest that come up. This podcast explores many of the characters we meet with our work each day and the range of ways chiropractic relates to the different things we do each day, whether that be work or play.

We are always interested in personal growth and helping those around us share in that growth, and what better way to share growth and knowledge then to have a coffee with you while you drive to work or bust out a session on a treadmill. Chiro Coffee is here!

How to sit at your laptop

In this video we examine Dr Matt’s office and setup his laptop to support his spinal alignment. View this and adjust your own working space to help your won recovery.

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Sleeping Well

This video will give you all the  information you will need to adjust your pillow height. Once this is correct, you will have a better night’s sleep and ensure no more neck pain.